Eerie trees at the Boone Hall plantation
Greenville buildings on the river at night
Broad Street with St. Michael's church
Pineapple fountain

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About South Carolina

Discover the charm of the South in South Carolina, USA. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Charleston, where cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and pastel antebellum houses define the landscape. Explore the vibrant city of Columbia, the state capital, with its thriving arts scene and diverse culinary offerings. Enjoy the tranquility of the Blue Ridge Mountains or the sun-soaked beaches of Myrtle Beach. Visit Hilton Head Island for world-class golf and pristine beaches. Don't miss the stunning plantations and gardens, particularly in the Lowcountry region. South Carolina is also home to numerous festivals, celebrating everything from food and music to history and art. Experience the warmth of Southern hospitality in South Carolina.

Destinations in South Carolina


Experience the charm of the South in Charleston, South Carolina. This historic city is a treasure trove of American history, with well-preserved antebellum mansions, cobblestone streets, and iconic landmarks like Fort Sumter. Explore the vibrant downtown area, indulge in Southern cuisine, and enjoy the lively arts scene. Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque Battery Park or visit the bustling City Market for local crafts. Don't miss the stunning plantations and gardens, particularly the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, known for its beautiful blooms. Charleston's coastal location also offers beautiful beaches and water activities. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and southern hospitality, Charleston provides a unique and unforgettable travel experience.


Experience the charm of the South in Greenville, South Carolina. This vibrant city offers a blend of urban sophistication and southern tradition. Explore the downtown area, filled with local boutiques, art galleries, and a variety of dining options. Visit Falls Park on the Reedy, a stunning nature park in the heart of the city. Enjoy a bike ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, or take a hike in the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. Greenville's rich history can be discovered at the Upcountry History Museum. For art enthusiasts, the Greenville County Museum of Art houses an impressive collection. Don't miss the Peace Center for performing arts and the Bon Secours Wellness Arena for sporting events. Greenville, SC is a destination that offers something for everyone.