4-Day Reunion Island Adventure: Unbeaten Paths & Outdoor Thrills

Reunion Island

4 days

Cascade de Grand-Galet
Cap Lahoussaye
Reunion Island
Piton de La Fournaise

About Reunion Island

Reunion Island, a French overseas territory, is a unique blend of tropical paradise and European charm. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, it offers stunning landscapes with lush forests, towering volcanoes, and pristine beaches. The island is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities like hiking, paragliding, and diving. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Pitons, Cirques and Ramparts of Reunion Island, or relax in the coastal towns with Creole architecture. The island's rich cultural heritage is reflected in its diverse cuisine, a fusion of French, Indian, and African influences. With its warm, welcoming locals and year-round tropical climate, Reunion Island is a captivating destination for a unique holiday experience.

4-Day Itinerary

Day 1

Exploring the Volcanic Landscape


Start your day with a hike to the Piton de la Fournaise, one of the world's most active volcanoes. The trail offers stunning views of the volcanic landscape and the Indian Ocean.


Enjoy a picnic lunch with local Creole delicacies amidst the lush greenery of the volcano's surroundings.


Visit the Maison du Volcan, a museum dedicated to volcanology. Learn about the formation of the island and its volcanic activity.


Savor a traditional Creole dinner with dishes like rougail saucisse and cari poulet.


Stroll along the Saint Pierre seafront, enjoying the cool breeze and the sound of waves.


Embark on a guided tour of the Cirque de Salazie, a natural amphitheater formed by erosion. Explore its waterfalls, lush vegetation, and the charming village of Hell-Bourg.


Have lunch in Hell-Bourg, known for its Creole architecture and beautiful gardens.


Visit the Maison Folio, a traditional Creole house that offers a glimpse into the island's history and culture.


Enjoy a dinner of local seafood dishes, accompanied by the island's famous rum.


Explore the vibrant nightlife of Saint Denis, with its live music and dance performances.


Start your day with a visit to the Le Maido viewpoint, offering panoramic views of the Mafate Cirque.


Enjoy a picnic lunch at the viewpoint, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Mafate Cirque.


Embark on a thrilling paragliding adventure from Le Maido, soaring over the island's stunning landscapes.


Relish a dinner of Creole cuisine, paired with local wines.


Relax on the beach of Saint Gilles, stargazing and listening to the sound of the waves.


Visit the Kelonia Turtle Observatory, a conservation center dedicated to sea turtles.


Have lunch in Saint Leu, enjoying the town's laid-back atmosphere and beautiful beach views.


Explore the underwater world with a scuba diving or snorkeling adventure in the crystal-clear waters of Saint Leu.


Enjoy a beachside barbecue dinner, with fresh seafood and tropical fruits.


End your trip with a relaxing evening on the beach, reflecting on your unforgettable experiences on Reunion Island.

Attractions in Itinerary (6)

Piton de la Fournaise

Piton de la Fournaise

One of the most active volcanoes in the world, offering hiking trails and stunning views.

Maison du Volcan

Maison du Volcan

A museum dedicated to volcanology and the study of the Piton de la Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Cultural Experiences
Cirque de Salazie

Cirque de Salazie

A natural amphitheater formed by an extinct volcano, known for its lush vegetation, waterfalls, and hiking trails.

Natural Wonders
Maison Folio

Maison Folio

A 19th-century Creole house turned museum, showcasing the lifestyle of the island's wealthy planters.

Cultural Experiences
Le Maido

Le Maido

A viewpoint on the island offering panoramic views of the Mafate caldera and the west coast of the island.

Natural Wonders
Kelonia Turtle Observatory

Kelonia Turtle Observatory

A sea turtle observatory and rehabilitation center that focuses on the study and conservation of marine turtles.

Cultural Experiences

Local Food and Drinks (12)

Cari Poulet

Cari Poulet

A popular dish in Reunion Island, Cari Poulet is a chicken curry made with turmeric, garlic, onion, and thyme. It is often served with rice and represents the island's blend of Indian and Creole influences.

Rougail Saucisse

Rougail Saucisse

Rougail Saucisse is a traditional dish made with smoked sausage, tomatoes, onions, garlic, turmeric, and chili. It is a staple in Reunionese cuisine and showcases the island's love for spicy and flavorful dishes.



Samoussas are small, triangular pastries filled with meat, fish, or vegetables. They are a popular street food in Reunion Island, reflecting the island's Indian influences.



Bouchons are small dumplings filled with pork and served with a spicy sauce. They are a popular snack in Reunion Island and represent the island's Chinese culinary influence.

Gratin de Chouchous

Gratin de Chouchous

Gratin de Chouchous is a baked dish made with chayote, a type of squash, cheese, and béchamel sauce. It is a traditional side dish in Reunion Island and showcases the island's French influences.

Rougail Tomate

Rougail Tomate

Rougail Tomate is a spicy tomato salsa made with onions, garlic, and chili. It is a common accompaniment to main dishes in Reunion Island, reflecting the island's love for spicy foods.

Pain Bouchon

Pain Bouchon

Pain Bouchon is a sandwich made with bouchon dumplings and spicy sauce. It is a popular breakfast food in Reunion Island, showcasing the island's unique blend of flavors.

Bonbons Piments

Bonbons Piments

Bonbons Piments are spicy fritters made with lentils, onions, and chili. They are a popular snack in Reunion Island and represent the island's Indian and Creole influences.

Ti' Punch

Ti' Punch

Ti' Punch is a cocktail made with rum, lime, and cane syrup. It is a popular drink in Reunion Island and showcases the island's rum production.

Dodo Beer

Dodo Beer

Dodo Beer is a locally brewed lager in Reunion Island. It is a popular drink among locals and tourists alike, representing the island's brewing tradition.

Café Bourbon Pointu

Café Bourbon Pointu

Café Bourbon Pointu is a locally grown coffee in Reunion Island. It is known for its unique flavor and aroma, showcasing the island's coffee production.

Rhum Arrangé

Rhum Arrangé

Rhum Arrangé is a rum infused with fruits and spices. It is a traditional drink in Reunion Island and represents the island's love for flavorful and potent drinks.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Reunion Island is during the dry season, which runs from May to November. During this period, the weather is cooler and less humid, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, beach visits, and exploring the island's stunning landscapes. However, if you're interested in whale watching, the best period is from June to September when humpback whales migrate near the island.

National holidays

Here you can find the national calendar of all public holidays for the year. These dates are subject to change as official changes are announced, so check back regularly for updates.

DateDayHoliday Name

January 1


New Year

April 1


Easter Monday

May 1


Labour Day

May 8


WWII Victory Day

May 9


Ascension Day

May 20


Whit Monday

July 14


French National Day

August 15


Assumption of Mary

November 1


All Saints' Day

November 11


Armistice Day

December 20


Abolition of Slavery

December 25


Christmas Day

Please note that during national and public holidays, opening hours for establishments, museums, etc. may vary. Don't forget to check in advance!

How to get around

Renting a car is one of the most popular ways to get around Reunion Island. The island has a well-developed network of roads, including a coastal highway and mountain roads. Car rental companies are available at the airport and in major towns.

Reunion Island has a public bus system, known as Car Jaune (Yellow Bus). These buses cover most of the island, including popular tourist destinations. However, they can be less frequent in remote areas.

Taxis are available in Reunion Island, especially in urban areas and at the airport. They can be a convenient but more expensive option for getting around. It's advisable to agree on the fare before starting the journey.

Ridesharing services, such as Uber, are not currently available in Reunion Island. However, local alternatives may exist, and carpooling is quite common among locals.

Reunion Island offers several cycling routes for both casual riders and professionals. Bicycles can be rented from various outlets across the island.

Given the island's stunning natural beauty, hiking is a popular way to get around. There are numerous trails, ranging from easy walks to challenging hikes. Always ensure you're well-prepared and informed about the weather conditions.

For a unique perspective, helicopter tours are available on Reunion Island. These provide breathtaking aerial views of the island's diverse landscapes, including its volcanoes and waterfalls.

While we strive for accuracy in our "How to get around" section, the information may not always be up-to-date or 100% accurate; we highly recommend cross-checking with local resources before your travel.

Things to know about Reunion Island as a first time visitor


Reunion Island is a French overseas territory, so the official language is French. However, many locals also speak Creole.


The currency used on the island is the Euro. Credit cards are widely accepted, but it's always a good idea to have some cash on hand.


Reunion Island is located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius.


The island has a tropical climate. The average temperature ranges from 68°F to 86°F (20°C to 30°C).


Reunion Island is known for its active volcanoes. It's safe to visit, but always heed local warnings and restrictions.


Driving is on the right side of the road. If you plan to rent a car, an international driving permit is recommended.


The island is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. However, be aware that some species, like the mosquito that can carry dengue fever, can pose health risks.


Reunion Island is in the Southern Hemisphere, so its seasons are opposite those of the Northern Hemisphere.


The island's tap water is safe to drink, but bottled water is also widely available.


Reunion Island is a multicultural society with influences from Africa, India, Europe, and China. Respect for local customs and traditions is appreciated.


The island is known for its outdoor activities, including hiking, surfing, and paragliding. Always follow safety guidelines and respect the environment.


Reunion Island is in the UTC+4 time zone and does not observe daylight saving time.


The island has a well-developed healthcare system, but travel insurance is recommended for emergencies.


Reunion Island has a high cost of living compared to mainland France, so budget accordingly.


The island's cuisine is a blend of French, Indian, Chinese, and African influences. Try local specialties like cari (a type of curry) and rougail (a spicy tomato sauce).


Reunion Island has a dress code that is generally casual, but it's respectful to cover up when visiting religious sites.


The island has a reliable public transportation system, but services can be limited in remote areas.


Reunion Island is a popular destination for whale watching between June and September.


The island is home to several endemic species, including the Reunion harrier and the Reunion cuckooshrike. Always respect local wildlife.


Reunion Island has a strong music culture, with genres like maloya and sega being popular. Don't miss the chance to experience a live performance.

Basic French to know as a first time visitor

English phrase

Native phrase


When to use it




Greeting someone


Au revoir

oh reh-vwahr

Saying goodbye


S'il vous plaît

see voo play

Making a request

Thank you



Expressing gratitude




Agreeing or affirming




Disagreeing or negating

Excuse me


ex-koo-zay mwah

Getting attention or apologizing

I'm sorry

Je suis désolé

zhuh swee deh-soh-leh


Do you speak English?

Parlez-vous anglais?

par-leh voo ahn-gleh

Asking if someone speaks English

I don't understand

Je ne comprends pas

zhuh nuh kohn-prahn pah

Expressing confusion

Where is...?

Où est...?

oo eh...

Asking for directions




Looking for a bathroom




In case of emergency




Looking for food




Looking for water




Looking for a hotel




Looking for a taxi




Looking for an airport

How much does it cost?

Combien ça coûte?

kohn-byehn sah koot

Asking for the price

Can I pay with a credit card?

Puis-je payer avec une carte de crédit?

pwee-zhuh peh-yeh ah-vek oon kart deh kreh-dee

Asking to pay with a credit card

Packing List

  • Clothing

  • Lightweight clothing

  • Swimwear

  • Beach cover-up

  • Underwear

  • Socks

  • Sleepwear

  • Light jacket or sweater

  • Hiking shoes

  • Flip flops

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Toiletries

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Shampoo and conditioner

  • Body wash

  • Deodorant

  • Razor and shaving cream

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent

  • First aid kit

  • Prescription medications

  • Contact lenses and solution

  • Travel documents and essentials

  • Passport

  • Driver's license

  • Credit and debit cards

  • Cash in local currency

  • Travel insurance documents

  • Hotel and car rental reservations

  • Emergency contacts and addresses

  • Electronics and gadgets

  • Smartphone

  • Charger and adapter

  • Camera

  • Memory cards

  • Portable power bank

  • Headphones

  • Miscellaneous items

  • Travel pillow

  • Earplugs and eye mask

  • Snacks

  • Water bottle

  • Books or e-reader

  • Travel guide and map

  • Umbrella

  • Beach towel

  • Reusable shopping bag

Weather Conditions

Reunion Island, located in the Indian Ocean, is known for its tropical climate which can be quite diverse due to its varied topography. The island experiences two main seasons: the hot, rainy season from November to April and the cooler, dry season from May to October. During the hot season, temperatures can reach up to 30°C (86°F) along the coast. This period is also characterized by heavy rainfall, especially in the east and in the highlands. It's important to note that this is also the cyclone season, so it's advisable to stay updated with local weather forecasts. The cooler season, on the other hand, sees temperatures dropping to around 20°C (68°F) along the coast. In the highlands, it can get quite chilly with temperatures falling to around 10°C (50°F) or even lower during the night. This is the best time to visit if you're planning on hiking or exploring the island's stunning landscapes. Regardless of when you visit, it's advisable to pack a variety of clothing options. Lightweight, breathable clothing is ideal for the coastal areas, while warmer clothing may be necessary for the cooler highlands. Don't forget your rain gear, especially if you're visiting during the rainy season. Lastly, always remember to protect yourself from the sun. The UV index in Reunion Island can be high, so ensure you have sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat to protect your skin and eyes. Enjoy your visit to Reunion Island!

MonthHi / Lo (°C)Weather Overview


31° / 23°

January is the hottest month in Reunion Island, with temperatures reaching up to 31°C. It's also the wettest month, so pack your rain gear.


31° / 23°

February is also quite hot and wet, with temperatures similar to January. It's a great time for indoor activities and exploring the island's cuisine.


30° / 23°

March sees a slight decrease in temperature but it's still quite warm. The rainfall starts to decrease, making it a good time for outdoor activities.


29° / 21°

April is the start of the cooler season, with temperatures dropping slightly. The weather is generally pleasant, making it a great time to explore the island.


27° / 19°

May is relatively cooler with temperatures ranging from 19°C to 27°C. The weather is perfect for hiking and exploring the island's natural beauty.


25° / 17°

June is one of the coolest months in Reunion Island. The weather is generally dry, making it a great time for outdoor activities.


24° / 16°

July is the coolest month in Reunion Island, with temperatures dropping to 16°C. Despite the cooler weather, it's a great time to explore the island's scenic beauty.


24° / 16°

August is similar to July in terms of temperature. The weather is dry and cool, making it a great time for hiking and sightseeing.


25° / 17°

September marks the start of the warmer season. The weather is pleasant and it's a great time to enjoy the island's beaches.


27° / 19°

October sees a slight increase in temperature. The weather is generally pleasant, making it a great time to explore the island.


29° / 21°

November is quite warm with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 29°C. The weather is perfect for beach activities and exploring the island's natural beauty.


30° / 22°

December is one of the warmest months in Reunion Island. The weather is generally dry, making it a great time for outdoor activities.

Did you know?

Did you know that Reunion Island is a French overseas territory located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius?

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