2-Day Family Adventure: Shopping & Sightseeing in Guadalajara

Guadalajara, Mexico

2 days

Degollado theater at night
Cabanas cultural center
Los Colomos park
Guadalajara Cathedral of St. Innocent
Arches of the old aqueduct

About Guadalajara, Mexico

Experience the vibrant culture and rich history of Guadalajara, Mexico's second-largest city. Known as the birthplace of mariachi music and tequila, Guadalajara offers a unique blend of traditional and modern attractions. Explore the stunning architecture of the Guadalajara Cathedral, immerse yourself in local art at the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, or stroll through the colorful markets of Tlaquepaque. Don't miss the chance to witness a traditional charreada, a Mexican rodeo, or to taste authentic Jalisco cuisine. With its year-round pleasant climate, Guadalajara also serves as a gateway to nearby natural wonders like Lake Chapala and the Tequila Volcano. Whether you're a history buff, foodie, or nature lover, Guadalajara promises an unforgettable travel experience.

2-Day Itinerary

Day 1

Exploring the Historic Center and Shopping at San Juan de Dios Market


Start your day with a visit to the historic center of Guadalajara. Explore the beautiful architecture and rich history of the area. Don't miss the chance to visit the iconic Guadalajara Cathedral and the Government Palace.


Enjoy a traditional Mexican lunch in one of the local restaurants in the historic center. Try the famous tortas ahogadas, a typical dish from Guadalajara.


Spend your afternoon shopping at the Mercado Libertad, also known as San Juan de Dios Market. This is one of the largest indoor markets in Latin America, where you can find everything from clothes and accessories to traditional Mexican crafts.


Have dinner in a family-friendly restaurant in the city center. Try some of the local specialties like birria, pozole, or enchiladas.


End your day with a stroll around the beautiful Parque Agua Azul. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the beautiful scenery.


Start your second day with a visit to the Guadalajara Zoo. This is a great place for families, with a wide variety of animals and attractions.


Have lunch in a restaurant near the zoo. Try some of the local dishes like chiles en nogada or tamales.


Spend your afternoon exploring the charming neighborhood of Tlaquepaque. This area is known for its art galleries, craft shops, and beautiful colonial architecture.


Enjoy a traditional Mexican dinner in one of the local restaurants in Tlaquepaque. Try some of the local specialties like carnitas or chiles rellenos.


End your day with a visit to the Mariachi Plaza in Tlaquepaque. Enjoy the live mariachi music and the vibrant atmosphere.

Attractions in Itinerary (7)

Guadalajara Cathedral

Guadalajara Cathedral

A Roman Catholic cathedral in the heart of Guadalajara, known for its stunning architecture and beautiful stained glass windows.

Religious Sites
Government Palace

Government Palace

The Government Palace is a historic building located in the heart of Guadalajara. It houses murals by José Clemente Orozco, one of Mexico's most famous artists, and serves as the office of the state governor.

Mercado Libertad

Mercado Libertad

Also known as San Juan de Dios Market, it is one of the largest indoor markets in Latin America. It offers a wide range of goods such as food, clothing, jewelry, and traditional Mexican crafts.

Food and Drink
Parque Agua Azul

Parque Agua Azul

A large park with a variety of attractions, including a butterfly house, an orchid house, and a zoo. It's a great place for a leisurely stroll or a picnic.

Cultural Experiences
Guadalajara Zoo

Guadalajara Zoo

A large zoo featuring a variety of animals, a safari, and an aquarium.



Known for its pottery workshops and local theater, Tlaquepaque is a charming neighborhood filled with artisan shops, galleries, and traditional Mexican restaurants.

Mariachi Plaza

Mariachi Plaza

Mariachi Plaza is a popular gathering spot for mariachi bands in Guadalajara. Visitors can enjoy live performances, hire a band for special occasions, or simply soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

Cultural Experiences

Local Food and Drinks (12)

Tortas Ahogadas

Tortas Ahogadas

A popular dish in Guadalajara, it's a sandwich filled with pork, drowned in a spicy tomato sauce.



A traditional Mexican dish, originally from Guadalajara. It's a spicy stew, typically made from goat meat or mutton.



A traditional drink from Guadalajara, made from fermented corn and served with a scoop of lemon ice cream.

Carne en su Jugo

Carne en su Jugo

A traditional dish from Guadalajara, it's a beef stew cooked in its own juices, served with beans, bacon, and a variety of toppings.

Pozole Rojo

Pozole Rojo

A traditional dish from Guadalajara, it's a hearty soup made with hominy (dried corn kernels), meat, and garnished with shredded lettuce, chili peppers, radish, onion, lime, and oregano.

Chiles en Nogada

Chiles en Nogada

A traditional dish from Guadalajara, it's a stuffed poblano pepper filled with a mixture of meat and dried fruit, covered in a walnut-based cream sauce, and garnished with pomegranate seeds.


A traditional dessert from Guadalajara, it's a custard-like dish made with eggs, milk, sugar, and cinnamon, similar to flan.

A traditional dish from Guadalajara, it's a soup made with beef stomach in broth with a red chili pepper base.

Enchiladas Mineras

A traditional dish from Guadalajara, it's a type of enchilada filled with cheese or chicken, and topped with a sauce made from guajillo chili peppers.



A traditional dessert from Guadalajara, it's a type of caramel sauce made from sweetened caramelized milk.



A traditional drink from Guadalajara, it's a warm and thick chocolate-based drink, prepared with masa de maíz (lime-treated-corn dough), piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), water or milk, and occasionally flavored with cinnamon, anise seed, or vanilla.



A popular street food in Guadalajara, they are small fish, similar to whitebait, that are fried until crispy and served with lime and hot sauce.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Guadalajara, Mexico is during the dry season, which runs from November to May. During these months, the weather is pleasant and there's less chance of rain interrupting your plans. The temperatures typically range from 70°F to 80°F (21°C to 27°C), making it perfect for exploring the city's rich culture, history, and beautiful architecture. Additionally, the Festival Cultural de Mayo takes place in May, offering a wide range of cultural events and performances.

National holidays

Here you can find the national calendar of all public holidays for the year. These dates are subject to change as official changes are announced, so check back regularly for updates.

DateDayHoliday Name

January 1


New Year's Day

February 5


Constitution Day

March 18


Benito Juárez's Birthday Memorial

May 1


Labor Day / May Day

July 7


General Election Day

September 16


Independence Day

October 1


Inauguration day

November 18


Revolution Day Memorial

December 25


Christmas Day

Please note that during national and public holidays, opening hours for establishments, museums, etc. may vary. Don't forget to check in advance!

How to get around

Public buses are a common way to get around in Guadalajara. They cover most areas of the city and are quite frequent. However, they can be crowded during peak hours and may not be the most comfortable option.

Taxis are readily available throughout Guadalajara. They can be hailed on the street, booked via a hotel, or called directly from a taxi company. It's a convenient option, but make sure to agree on the fare before starting the journey.

Ridesharing services like Uber and Didi are available in Guadalajara. They are often cheaper and more comfortable than taxis. You can book a ride using the respective apps, which also provide an estimated fare and arrival time.

If you're comfortable driving in Mexico, renting a car can be a good option. It gives you the flexibility to travel at your own pace and explore areas outside of Guadalajara. However, be aware of the traffic rules and parking regulations.

Guadalajara has a public bike-sharing system called MiBici. After registering, you can pick up a bike from one of the many docking stations around the city. It's a fun and eco-friendly way to explore the city, especially the downtown area.

Guadalajara's light rail system, Tren Ligero, is a fast and efficient way to travel around the city. It has two lines that cover many tourist attractions. It's also a good option for avoiding traffic during peak hours.

Many of Guadalajara's attractions are located close to each other, especially in the downtown area. Walking can be a pleasant way to explore the city, but be sure to wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated.

The Tapatio Tour is a hop-on, hop-off tourist bus that covers major attractions in Guadalajara. It's a convenient way to see the city, especially if you're short on time or prefer not to navigate public transportation.

While we strive for accuracy in our "How to get around" section, the information may not always be up-to-date or 100% accurate; we highly recommend cross-checking with local resources before your travel.

Important information

Currency$ MXN

Time zoneUTC-6

Driving sideRight

Emergency phoneAmbulance: 065; Fire: 068; Police: 060

Drinking waterOpt for bottled water

Power sockets

Power socket type APower socket type B

Voltage120 V

Things to know about Guadalajara, Mexico as a first time visitor


Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and is known as the 'Pearl of the West'.


The official language is Spanish, so it would be helpful to learn a few basic phrases.


The currency used is the Mexican Peso (MXN). Credit cards are widely accepted, but it's always good to have some cash on hand.


Guadalajara operates on Central Standard Time (CST).


The city has a humid subtropical climate. The average temperature ranges from 50°F to 80°F (10°C to 27°C).


The best time to visit is between October and December when the weather is most pleasant.


Guadalajara is known for its rich cultural heritage, including mariachi music and tequila, which both originated in the state of Jalisco.


Tipping is customary in Mexico. A tip of 10-15% is generally expected in restaurants.


Public transportation is widely available, including buses and a light rail system. Taxis and ride-sharing services are also available.


Guadalajara is generally safe for tourists, but like any large city, it's important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings.


The city has a vibrant nightlife, with many bars, clubs, and live music venues.


Traditional Mexican cuisine is a must-try. Local specialties include birria (a spicy stew), tortas ahogadas (a type of sandwich), and tejuino (a fermented corn drink).


Guadalajara is a shopper's paradise, with a mix of traditional markets and modern shopping malls.


The city is known for its beautiful architecture, including many colonial-era buildings.


Guadalajara is a major center for arts and culture, with numerous museums, galleries, and theaters.


The city is home to several universities and has a large student population, contributing to its vibrant and youthful atmosphere.


Guadalajara hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, including the Guadalajara International Film Festival and the Mariachi and Charreria Festival.


Healthcare facilities in Guadalajara are generally of a high standard. However, it's recommended to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses.


Tap water is not safe to drink. It's recommended to drink bottled water.


Electricity in Mexico is 110 volts, the same as the United States. If your devices use a different voltage, you'll need a converter.

Basic Spanish to know as a first time visitor

English phrase

Native phrase


When to use it




Greeting someone




Leaving or saying goodbye to someone


Por favor

Por fa-vor

When asking for something

Thank you



After receiving something or someone's help



Agreeing with someone or something




Disagreeing with someone or something

Excuse me



Getting someone's attention or apologizing

I'm sorry

Lo siento

Lo see-en-to


Do you speak English?

¿Hablas inglés?

Ab-las in-gles

When you need to communicate in English

I don't understand

No entiendo

No en-tee-en-do

When you don't understand what's being said

Where is the bathroom?

¿Dónde está el baño?

Don-de es-ta el ban-yo

When you need to use the bathroom

How much does it cost?

¿Cuánto cuesta?

Kwan-to kwes-ta

When you want to know the price of something

I would like...

Me gustaría...

Me gus-ta-ree-a

When ordering food or asking for something




In case of emergency

Call the police!

¡Llame a la policía!

Ya-me a la po-lee-see-a

In case of emergency

I'm lost

Estoy perdido

Es-toy per-di-do

When you can't find your way

Can I use my credit card?

¿Puedo usar mi tarjeta de crédito?

Pwe-do u-sar mi tar-he-ta de cre-di-to

When you want to pay with credit card




To know if a place is open




To know if a place is closed




When toasting

Packing List

  • Clothing

  • Lightweight clothing

  • Underwear

  • Socks

  • Sleepwear

  • Swimsuit

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Sandals

  • Hat for sun protection

  • Sunglasses

  • Light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings

  • Toiletries

  • Travel-sized shampoo and conditioner

  • Body wash or soap

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Deodorant

  • Razor and shaving cream

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent

  • Prescription medications

  • First-aid kit

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Travel documents and essentials

  • Passport

  • Driver's license or ID card

  • Credit and debit cards

  • Cash and coins

  • Travel insurance documents

  • Hotel and car rental reservations

  • Emergency contacts and important addresses

  • Electronics and gadgets

  • Smartphone

  • Charger for smartphone

  • Headphones

  • Camera

  • Charger for camera

  • Travel adapter

  • Miscellaneous items

  • Travel pillow

  • Earplugs

  • Eye mask

  • Snacks

  • Water bottle

  • Books or e-reader for entertainment

  • Travel guidebook for Guadalajara

  • Spanish-English dictionary or phrasebook

  • Notebook and pen

Weather Conditions

When visiting Guadalajara, Mexico, it's important to note that the city experiences a humid subtropical climate. This means that you can expect warm, humid summers and mild winters. The warmest months are typically between April and June, with average high temperatures reaching around 88°F (31°C). If you're planning to visit during this time, be sure to pack lightweight, breathable clothing to stay comfortable in the heat. Don't forget your sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun's strong rays. The rainy season in Guadalajara runs from June to October. During this time, you can expect heavy afternoon showers and thunderstorms. If you're visiting during these months, it's a good idea to pack a raincoat or umbrella. Despite the rain, temperatures remain quite warm, averaging around 77°F (25°C). From November to February, Guadalajara experiences its coolest temperatures, with averages around 68°F (20°C). If you're visiting during these months, you might want to pack a light jacket or sweater for the cooler evenings. Regardless of when you visit, it's always a good idea to check the local weather forecast before your trip. This will help you pack appropriately and plan your activities. Remember, the weather can change quickly, so it's always best to be prepared.

MonthHi / Lo (°C)Weather Overview


28° / 7°

January is the coldest month in Guadalajara, but it's still quite mild with average temperatures ranging from 7°C to 28°C. It's a great time to visit if you prefer cooler weather.


30° / 8°

February sees a slight increase in temperature, with lows of 8°C and highs reaching up to 30°C. The weather is generally dry, making it a good time for outdoor activities.


32° / 10°

March is the start of spring in Guadalajara, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 32°C. It's a great time to explore the city's parks and gardens.


34° / 12°

April is one of the warmest months in Guadalajara, with temperatures reaching up to 34°C. It's a great time to visit if you love the heat.


36° / 14°

May is the hottest month in Guadalajara, with temperatures ranging from 14°C to 36°C. It's a great time to visit if you love the heat, but be prepared for occasional rain showers.


34° / 16°

June marks the start of the rainy season in Guadalajara, with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 34°C. Despite the rain, the weather is still warm and pleasant.


32° / 16°

July is in the middle of the rainy season in Guadalajara, with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 32°C. It's a good time to visit if you don't mind the occasional rain shower.


30° / 16°

August is another rainy month in Guadalajara, with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 30°C. Despite the rain, the weather is still warm and pleasant.


30° / 15°

September marks the end of the rainy season in Guadalajara, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 30°C. It's a great time to visit if you prefer cooler weather and less rain.


28° / 12°

October sees a decrease in temperature, with lows of 12°C and highs reaching up to 28°C. The weather is generally dry, making it a good time for outdoor activities.


26° / 9°

November is a mild month in Guadalajara, with temperatures ranging from 9°C to 26°C. It's a great time to visit if you prefer cooler weather.


24° / 7°

December is the second coldest month in Guadalajara, but it's still quite mild with average temperatures ranging from 7°C to 24°C. It's a great time to visit if you prefer cooler weather.

Did you know?

Did you know that Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and is often referred to as the 'Pearl of the West'?

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